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lodha florenza kitchen interior designs


Soft earthy hues and strategic lighting greet you warmly as you step into this contemporary home. The stylish and cleverly designed foyer with concealed storage also doubles up as a space for display with niches and spotlights....

Upper West Site

The beat is characterized as congruity, repeat or sorted out development. To accomplish these subjects in an outline, you have to contemplate reiteration, movement, move, and complexity. Utilizing these systems will grant a feeling of development to your space, driving the eye starting with one configuration component then onto the next....

Concept Home

Most of the people find it really easier to get help from expert personality that can dictate them about the entire cost and can be able to perform in progressive way.  This way doesn’t need to go shop by shop for making the product arrangements that can work fine in this direction. Interior designers in Mumbai do really a great job when it comes to find a professional interior designer in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. Being highly populated, it is not possible to...

monterverde bedroom interior designing

Monteverde Residence

Conventional style is the most well-known manifestation of design that is chosen by the individuals. Along these lines of planning the room may incorporate utilization of dull shade furniture woods and utilizing sensitive examples. While outlining your home you need to remember that it doesn’t have a striking resemblance time. You can additionally include a few fabrics and frill like interior decorations to make your room more engaging....


Mini-Loft Apartment

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lodha florenza living room interior decoration

Orchid Enclave

The beauty of the house depends entirely upon the vision of the house owner. How he desires the home to look like depends upon his imagination. This is the basis on which the interior designers can perform their tasks.We aim to offer a space the purpose to get the main source of attraction for guests and other family members who spend a lot of time by gathering at a particular place in the house....