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Home theater interior designing in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Thane

Something is enchanting in viewing a film in a glamorous atmosphere. We have a wide range of experience in using the full layout as well as implementation from flex cinema to dedicated cinema rooms. We use high-performance speakers, sound handling, amplification, projectors and also displays, as well as the most beautiful seats as well as acoustic materials consisting of décor mainly created for the house motion picture experience. With a multitude of high-grade equipment of different spec degrees available to us, we can provide tailored systems to match numerous spending plans, implying that your dream cinema can come to be the truth.


Home Control

Everything is under control at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are


Remote Voice Control

Communicate with and control your smart home system from any place


Mobile App Control

You can control a house with an app whether at home or away, in real time

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Deliver Exceptional Smart and Connected Home Experiences!


Hands Free Help, From Alexa!

Welcome To The World of Voice Controlled Devices. With a new speaker and design, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa, designed for any room.


Smart Lighting Control

You have the power to control individual lights located in different parts of your home all from your own bed, kitchen, even from your car.


Home Theater

Realistic Cinematic Experiences In Your Home. Our automated system can set your home entertainment systems according to your needs.

Dolby Atmos speaker.

Go deeper into your favorite shows and movies by equipping your home theater with the latest Dolby Atmos A/V receivers, speakers, and home theater systems. Ceiling speakers and Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers or modules deliver equivalent performance. direct sound upward and reflect off the ceiling to produce incredibly lifelike, overhead sound.

Out door Entertainment Experiences

Home Theater & Entertainment: Home theater system is consisting of many components; these components can be controlled and run with home automation systems. we are best home automation companies in India which can provide you safe and automated home entertainment at reasonable rates. We are expert in offering fully automated lighting control, home automation, HVAC, etc. Every part of your Home Theater system performs particular roles to envelop you in the audio-visual system. Our automated system can set your home entertainment systems according to your needs.

Smart lighting control

Air conditioners+ windows curtain+ A remote-controlled thermostat is a best way take control over your home’s temperature. You can operate your home’s heater or air conditioning with a single switch. Whatever the temperature is required for you; you can set it and do not need to change it frequently. Temperatures can be set according to your choice. You will receive alerts when temperatures get too low or too high, keeping your pets and plants happy while you’re away.

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