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The cosiness of the cottage-style home is what is liked by most people out there. The look of the cottage-style home is distinguished by the combination of colours, textures, and furniture pieces. Being the best house and cottage interior design service provider, we have come up with this blog post to introduce you to a couple of techniques that you can use to give your home a cottage look. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:
1 – Select Light Paint Colors
In the first paragraph of the post, we said that the cosiness of the cottage-style home is what is liked by most people out there. But, do you know what makes them so cosy? Well, brightness and a positive environment are the two major factors that make a cottage so cosy. To achieve this, you need to use soft light colours such as light pink, cream, or cool grey on the walls. If the mentioned light colours are not your favourite, and you want to include your favourite colour somewhere within your home, a pillow or an apron can be a great option.
2 – Add Faded, Worn, or “Vintage” Items
Faded, worn or ‘vintage’ items are another important aspect of a cottage’s appearance. Cottage-style homes restrict the usage of modern items, and sharp corners to maintain their unique appearance. This can be achieved with old-fashioned furniture such as an aged wood chest of drawers or flooring. As we said earlier, whitewashed parquet floors look particularly good in cottages. You can rope in in-house and cottage interior design service providers to help you with this.
3 – Opt for an open organization
In modern-style homes, it is sensible to make the storage area as invisible as possible. However, with cottage-style homes, the opposite is true. Instead of hiding the storage, we display it in open as a part of the décor. This refers to this arrangement of bowls and plates on shelves rather than in the cabinets, or the placement of a well-organized pack of magazines on a coffee table.
4 – Balance It All Out
A proper balance is necessary to maintain when it comes to designing your home in a cottage style. Faded and worn-out furniture can indeed blend in well with your cottage-styled home, but using them excessively can make your home look worn out. So, you need to balance it using various new elements.
Final Words:
The interior design of a cottage-style home is different from contemporary design. It focuses not only on the interior but also on the exterior of your space. It is a different approach that takes time and effort. Various sculptures, large vases, and paintings are often used as decorative elements in cottages. Family photos, placed on shelves or above the fireplace, will make the interior of the house cosy and homely. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you need to give your home a cottage look and feel.

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