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Top 10 List Of Art effects-accessories For Your Home Interior Design

Top 10 List Of Art effects-accessories For Your Home Interior Design 1920 1280 home-decor

Top 10 list, Art effects & accessories for your home interior design

Art effects and accessories add a touch of glamour to your rooms creating the desired effect through the use of objects, paintings and other artwork. Selecting accessories that portray your style and look warm and welcoming is quite a task. There is a variety of articles that you can use to decorate different parts/rooms of your home.

Kitchen accessories.

Kitchen accessories.

The accessories for the kitchen are design buy Modular Kitchen designs Mumbai with price are more utility-oriented as opposed to articles for other rooms of your home. You have chopping boards, cutlery holders, wine racks, pot racks, trays, wooden serving bowls, and iron accessories like towel and napkin holders among other accessories. For storage purpose, there are other shelves and racks for utensils and glass cases for displaying attractive cutlery.

Fireplace accessories.

Fireplace accessories.

A fireplace is a great way to keep rooms warm in winters. You can opt for an electric fireplace if you do not wish to be bothered by the traditional type. Old-fashioned fireplaces require other supporting accessories like log holders, match holders, other tools to control the fire. Fireplace screens are now modern looking available in a wide variety.

Blinds and curtain

Blinds and curtain

The variety available to cover your windows with the use of blinds and curtains is huge. Blinds are in vogue because of the multiple benefits they provide, from protecting the articles placed inside the room to providing complete privacy. The other benefit of colorful design is a graceful addition. You need to consider the window frame size, requirements of light and heat in the room before deciding on the type of blind. While you may use light, cool colors for your living room, your bedroom may be better off with dark and warm colors as a sleeping comfort. Here again our modular kitchen price list enough variety available suggestion for you to choose from, wood blinds, blinds with easy folds etc.

Decorative WALL CLOCKS

Decorative WALL CLOCKS

The mystic provided by an ancient grandfather clock to a room is timeless. Although if you are not too fond of those; there are many other decorative clocks to choose from. You can use clocks with chimes, clocks with a wooden finish, metal pieces etc to enhance the beauty of your walls. The variety in decorative clocks is truly mind-boggling. Decorative vases and pots

Decorative Vases and Pots

Decorative Vases and Pots

These add a different kind of beauty to your room irrespective of where you place them, whether above the fireplace or on a table in the corner. Vases are available in various types but the most popular ones are glass vases that look classy and chic. In the expensive vases category, you have pieces studded with stones embedded in a precious, intricate design.

Lamps and chandeliers.

Lamps and chandeliers

No room interiors can be complete without colorful, designer lamps and exclusive chandeliers. The more you spend, higher is the variety available in this category. Table lamps are common in most homes but you can get uniquely designed lamps. Chandeliers need more arrangements in the form of a perfect location and hardware. The size of the chandelier should be in proportion to dimensions of the room. A huge chandelier in a small room will make the room seem even smaller. hire the best interior designer company in bangalore



You will need to look at fabrics for various accessories in different rooms of your home. The curtains in the living room, rugs, and hearth rugs placed in front of the fire, bed covers, mattresses, towels for bathrooms, sofa and couch covers, cushions, pillows and a host of other things. Choose fabrics from our best interior designers in mumbai depending on your preferences for comfort especially for the bedroom because comfort is the most important aspect when bedroom décor is considered. For your living room fabrics, you can select comfortable as well as stylish material that complements the other objects well. There are various types of fabrics available for drapes that can be customized depending on the place they are being used in, like windows or bed hangings.



This includes canvass paintings, ceramic work, portraits, glass paintings, photo frames, glass casings etc. These are of relevance if you have an artistic streak in you and are willing to invest in such articles. The best and genuine artwork is one where interior designers in Bangalore interior designers has played a vital role in designing the same. Now-a-days, there are machine made paintings and other forms of artwork cheaply available in the market.

Wall Mirrors.

Mirrors with console table

Mirrors are optional accessories and can be considered only if you are very fond of them. When arranged well, mirrors can most definitely enhance the beauty of the room. Mirrors with metallic frames in rustic colors are best suited for an ancient, classic look. Similarly there are various designs available like floral patterns, mirrors with wood frames, gold and silver plated frames etc. needless to mention, the shapes and sizes also differ widely and are an important consideration while choosing mirrors for decoration.

from Best interior designers in Bangalore Other artwork like tapestry wall hangings and metallic wall art also give rooms an engaging look. A collection of closely positioned family photographs is a view to soothe your eyes.

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