Plants Are Ideal For Your Bathroom
best plants for bathroom without windows

Plants Are Ideal For Your Bathroom

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Find the best option: Which plants are ideal for your bathroom?

Not at all matter whether it’s a small-sized bathroom or a big one, bringing greenery in form of plants cleanses the air and welcomes the nature in the area that often is heat. But not all types of indoor plants blossom into the humid rooms as they don’t get sufficient sunlight. If you would like to include an indoor plant into your one or all the bathrooms,

best plants for bathroom smells

there are several varieties that professional interior designer in Mumbai have shortlisted and that you can consider to add and will work favorably.

1- Peperomia-


This plant is lovely because of its colour and texture. It’s easy to grow the plant in your bathroom, depending on the lights levels. Away from the unswerving sunlight, they survive very well; though don’t like being too wet so will work favourably in a properly ventilated bathroom. You may pick up foliages into the darker greens and even reds to mix up the colour that is displayed in the bathroom.

2- Japanese maple-

Not completely an indoor one, it’s a terrific way to get the best of both the worlds, growing plants outdoor and enjoying it from your bathroom inside. Floor to ceiling glass window permits tree, timber, and texture into your bathroom whilst it basks under the sun‘s bright light into your private patio.

3- Golden pothos-

If it’s harder to defy a good long-winded plant, this one will make itself and all its vines in your bathroom, where it’s going to blossom in a humid atmosphere. This indoor plant can grow anywhere from low to the dazzling sunlight.

4- Peace lily-

Another option that you may choose and add up and that practically is impossible to kill; the peace lily would blossom in the indirect light. Because of its bighearted wide leaves and looks fabulous and lush and work hard at air cleansing, it undoubtedly has become a favorite selection for most of the house owners.  This plant can be potted into a ceramic pot to enhance its beauty.

5- Boston fern-

When talking about the hanging plant, this one is a low maintenance option for you. It’s perfect in all kinds of pots. The feathery fern drapes beautifully and it is one of the very best to choose plants into your humid bathroom. It requires less care.

6- Phalaenopsis orchid-

Another plant option advised by interior designer in Mumbai to add into the bathroom where you don’t get direct sunlight is Phalaenopsis orchid. Orchid loves a high humidity atmosphere so it blossoms very well into the bathroom where very little natural sunlight enters. With very little maintenance required, orchid blooms on neglect.

7- Zygocacutus-

This plant seems to be lovely, draping from a window or high shelf, and will even provide a lovely burst of shade during autumn and winter when blooming. Remember you should not place it a place where they can be knocked easily as the stems break easily.

8- Zanzibar plant-

Possibly, this is one of the easiest to grow the indoor plant in your bathroom. As it tolerates the light so there isn’t any need to place it near the window into your bathroom.

9- Calathea-

Keep this plant in the intermediate indirect sunlight and modest to the greatly moist atmosphere and its sure that it is going to blossoms very well. Your bathroom will help it to survive healthily. The beautiful foliage will provide your bathroom with a new style.

10-Snake plant-

It’s one of the beloved options due to its stunning looks and due to being easy to care for. The ever-popular snake plant is great to add the option in your bathroom as it survives in the moist atmosphere and it avoids low and bright indirect sunlight.


This plant due to its iconic leaves always looks stunning and its one of very good to add house plant as it easily adjusts and survives in any sort indoor atmosphere. Therefore it can be added into your bathroom. Monstera can handle low light although it can do quite well into the brighter and indirect sunlight. It also manages any level of moisture.

These are the best to add plants by interior designer in Mumbai in your bathroom to not only style to the bathroom’s interior but to make the inner surrounding bit healthier.

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